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What We Do

At PHYSELITE we focus on clients achieving their health goals through PHYSELITE’S collaborative working & integrated programs. When you present to our physiotherapists, chiropractors or registered registered massage therapists, they provide a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and prognosis and treatment plan with your health goals front and centre.

In line with research, clients are most often prescribed supervised exercise programs, with manual therapy only prescribed as needed. These programs are carried out under the supervision of our practitioners who, when appropriate, will use our kinesiologists/physiotherapy assistants to take you through your sessions. As our programs are integrated, your treatment program, and its philosophy, is consistent and seamless across the whole clinical and training team. Working with our practitioners and exercise coaches, in our well-equipped gym programs will help you to achieve your health goals.

Why we do it this way

A large body of research has shown that exercise programs, properly tailored to each client's particular presentation, achieve the best long-term outcomes. Manual therapy is generally not as effective as exercise for successful outcomes long-term; where manual therapy has success, it is limited time-wise and gets the best outcomes when supported by exercise therapy. Electrotherapies ( IFC, Ultrasound etc) again have limited evidence for successful outcomes, and where successful, exercise therapy proves to be more effective long-term. We have found that compliance with our exercise therapy programs is increased when working with our exercise coaches. An integrated approach for clients’ care gets the best outcomes. Most of all clients love the PHYSELITE atmosphere and love their therapy.

How we do it

The clinicians, kinesiologists and performance coaches at PHYSELITE are in constant collaboration to ensure the whole team is up to date with each client’s rehab program. Clients receive their home exercise programs via app and any therapist changes, progressions or concerns are carefully recorded for review by the performance coaches/kinesiologists/physio assistants.

What Does Treatment Look Like

Programs are designed to improve your range of motion, strength, endurance and function. They are graded appropriately to the stage of injury and level of pain you present with. At PHYSELITE your rehab can be integrated across the various clinical specialities to provide with comprehensive, co-ordinated program to ensure you achieve your health goals.

Client Stories:

Jonathan (51)
- Business Manager
While Julian and the PHYSELITE team was working with my son I decided to start rehab for my long-standing shoulder pain. I wanted to play a Master’s volleyball tournament. Julian’s assessment was thorough. He didn’t not just look at my shoulder. He assessed all my issues to then develop a complete program for my knees and Achilles tendons. After 9 months work I was able to get through my volleyball tournament and my shoulder pain had decreased so much I could sleep and hit without pain. I have continued to work with his team to achieve my health goals of resolving my rotator cuff pain and play a bit of volleyball.
Janet (81)
- Retired Teacher
In my late 70’s I had a hip replacement because of arthritis. I was also experiencing low back pain. After the surgery I became more unsteady on feet as I had lost some of my pre-surgery strength and balance. My son referred me to Julian for help. Since then, I have worked with the PHYSELITE team, Physio and Physio assistant, and I am now far steadier on my feet and far less dependent on my cane. I feel much more in control of my back pain, far less fearful of falling and I’m back to traveling overseas with my son and his wife.
Josie (53)
- Social Worker
After my extensive, complicated surgical repair of my shoulder rotator cuff, I had 6months of pain and frustration with my rehab. I finally decided to work with the PHYSELITE team after a friend referred them to me. Julian worked very patiently with me as my shoulder required very specific and careful rehab progression. However, I felt very reassured despite the initial soreness and very careful progress. I persevered and I am now able to groom my hair, sleep throughout the night and I have been able to return to work. I have set myself further goals and will continue to work with the PHYSELITE team.

Excellence Through Integration