About Us

PHYSELITE started as a concept in 2017 when Asa and Julian worked in the same facility and realized that a working model focussed on integrating sports medicine and high performance training would provide the service our clinical clients and athletes alike needed. Athletes would have in-house management and screening of their injuries by skilled sports medicine and rehab clinicians. Our clinical rehab clients would benefit from the in-house exercise therapy and progressive strengthening programs strongly supported by research to be the most effective form of rehab. With the PHYSELITE team now in place we are able to offer comprehensive, evidence-based high performance training and sports injuries rehab.

Our Vision

Empowering active people to achieve their health goals.

All of our clients are active people who have experience some disruption to their normal routine because of pain or the desire to be able to do more. The PHYSELITE team works diligently together to help our clients accomplish this. We work as hard for the aspiring young athlete as we do for the office worker whose knee pain is cramping their golf swing and mid-week basketball.

Our Mission

The PHYSELITE team will work together to provide the highest quality, client centered, care, so all our clients move and play at their best.

PHYSELITE’s practitioners seek to promote lifelong health though prevention, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.To accomplish this we endeavor to deliver comprehensive, patient-centred, sport, exercise and musculoskeletal care, through an integrated, inter-disciplinary approach. Our physiotherapists, chiropractors, registered massage therapists and performance coaches emphasize evidence-based clinical practice, incorporating education and continuous personal development.

Our Philosophy

Whether you are an elite level athlete or an everyday person seeking to reach your full potential, at PHYSELITE we are proud to offer premium-level care to all patients and athletes. Our practitioners are experts in their fields and are very passionate about helping their patients achieve their health and fitness goals while prioritizing their unique needs and goals. To knit the aspirations of our clinicians and clients together, PHYSELITE has developed an operational model that facilitates close collaboration and communication between clinicians and exercise therapists. Continuity of care is paramount. We use the ‘best practice’ supported by research to be effective in getting clients/athletes back from injury, or just trying to be their best.

What's Next

As PHYSELITE evolves we will link with partners and services that allow us bring even better care to our clients.